With over 90 years of combined experience in leadership development and executive learning, Gary Jusela and his team offer unparalleled expertise in creating tailored and strategic leadership and organization development programs for a diverse array of organizations.

We tailor our consulting teams to fit the unique requirements of a given client and set of presenting issues. We bring specific skill sets in large-scale change, customized leadership development, the design and deployment of high-performance program and product teams, as well as executive assessment and coaching. We are committed to blending our strengths with yours to achieve the very best outcomes to each assignment.


GARY JUSELA - President and Founder

Gary brings broad experience in executive education, large-scale organization development and the design of high performance program and product teams. He has designed and implemented comprehensive learning architectures for several Fortune 100 companies.

Prior to launching his own firm, Gary was a Partner with New York-based Mercer Delta Consulting, serving clients throughout the world with organization design, business transformation, leadership development and coaching. Prior to joining Mercer Delta, Gary served as Vice President and Chief Learning Officer of The Home Depot, where he was responsible for all learning initiatives for the home improvement retailer.

Before joining The Home Depot, Gary was Chief Learning Officer of Lucent Technologies, where he was responsible for all worldwide leadership, technical, sales, service, and professional development. He also served as Vice President of Organization Effectiveness for Cisco Systems and as Chief Learning Officer for the joint venture of Royal Dutch Shell, Texaco, and Saudi Aramco where he designed the company's learning system and knowledge management activities, managed an organizational effectiveness consulting practice, and designed the "Leadership Laboratory for Competing in the New Economy."

Gary spent 11 years with the Boeing Company in Seattle, culminating in his appointment as Vice President of Organization and Executive Development. At Boeing, he had responsibility for facilitating the cultural integration of the company's merger with McDonnell-Douglas. He also designed the company's Senior Executive Program and a series of large-scale interventions in cross-functional collaboration among Boeing and its customers, suppliers, labor unions and regulatory agencies.

Beginning his corporate career with the Ford Motor Company, Gary designed and implemented multiple initiatives within Ford's domestic and global operations to forward Employee Involvement, Quality is Job #1, and the establishment of a high-performance team-oriented culture.

Gary has served on the boards of the American Society for Training and Development, the Chief Learning Officer magazine, the Church Council of Greater Seattle, the Principals' Leadership Institute for the Seattle Public Schools, and on the Service Quality Committee of the Group Health Cooperative. He presently serves on the Board Quality Committee of the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.

He received his MA and PhD in Organizational Behavior from Yale University and his BS in Psychology from the University of Michigan.

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Sue Byrne - Senior Consultant

Sue Byrne brings 20 years of deep experience working both as an internal leader and external consultant to provide organization development, leadership development, and learning architecture solutions to Fortune 100 companies across the US, Canada and Europe. Some of the companies Sue has consulted with include Royal Dutch Shell, The Home Depot, The Boeing Company, and Lucent technologies.

She impacts client organizations by helping leaders to create stronger vision, strategies, systems, technologies, and processes so that they are better able to compete in a rapidly changing world.

Sue has returned to the US after living and working in Europe for 4 years providing executive guidance to the leadership development challenges of a Swiss-based, key global player, Novartis, in the pharmaceutical industry. She brings back hands-on experience and new perspectives on what it takes to make change happen in a rapidly changing, ever-competitive, global environment.

Bringing the greatest joy to Sue is the opportunity to work collaboratively with a client to develop solutions that supersede all previous possibilities—to invent knowledge—and thus contribute to the future success of her client.

She began her work with change and leader development in the utility sector in the deep southern city of New Orleans before moving to Seattle to work with aerospace giant Boeing as an internal organization development consultant for a decade prior to providing consulting on an external basis.

Sue holds a B.A in psychology from the University of Tennessee and a M.S. in Organization Development from Pepperdine School of Business, Malibu, CA.

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DAVID J. McCLEARY - Senior Consultant

Fueled by his passion for helping leaders and organizations find new possibilities, growth, and health, Dave McCleary brings more than 20 years of experience in operations, leadership development, executive learning design & facilitation, and organizational development to his work with companies and institutions across the world.

His extensive experience in multiple industries and cultures as both an internal operations leader and an external consultant enables him to effectively advise and assist leaders and organizations in a wide variety of challenges.

Dave's blend of coaching, leadership learning, team building, and organizational change optimally assist leaders, teams, and entire organizations to develop breakthrough behaviors and function with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

He has consulted to public and private organizations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia and has worked with institutions across multiple industries, including airline, retail, manufacturing, technology, and financial services. Some of Dave's most recent clients include Dell, Flextronics, PCH China Solutions, and Volvo.

After completing his undergraduate studies in accounting and finance, Dave worked as a financial analyst specializing in the insurance industry for 5 years. He then spent 14 years with The Home Depot during its rapid growth phase, serving in multiple field and corporate leadership and organization development positions. Dave provided consultation to The Home Depot leadership regarding divisional and regional consolidations, strategy design and clarification, expansion feasibility studies, and the design and implementation of transformational change efforts.

He completed his graduate studies with Pepperdine University's Organization Development program (MSOD) where he published an extensive study on The Home Depot leadership change initiative correlating leadership effectiveness and emotional intelligence.

Dave is certified to administer multiple psychometric assessments and he is a member of the Organization Development Network (ODN), the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Academy of Management (AOM).

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LEE O. SANBORN - Senior Consultant

Lee Sanborn has over 25 years of experience working with leadership at all levels, hourly employees, and union officials at Ford Motor Company. Most of his recent work has been with plants and staffs in Manufacturing Operations, implementing the Ford Production System--the Company's system of Lean Manufacturing. Lee has taken a leadership role in guiding the Ford work teams process from its inception, at Romeo Engine Plant with 48 teams, to its expansion company-wide with over 4200 teams in all Ford plants.

In 1987 Lee was the head of training and work teams at the Romeo Engine Plant, the first Ford Plant in the U.S. to implement work teams wall to wall. By 1991, after the successful launch at Romeo, the work teams concept was expanded to the other Ford Engine Plants in North America, and Lee was the lead internal consultant for this process.

In 1994, the work teams effort was incorporated into the Powertrain Production System. This linked the work teams into an overall Lean Manufacturing effort, which included elements of Material Flow, Quality Control, and Equipment Maintenance. In 1996, this effort was expanded corporation-wide and became the Ford Production System.

Over the past 10 years Lee has designed the processes at Ford for implementing work teams, including assessment processes and surveys to check progress, training for leaders, supervisors and internal consultants, and tools to measure effectiveness. In addition, Lee has coached the team's process (as well as other aspects of Lean Manufacturing) in virtually every Ford plant in North America, South America and Australia.

Prior to working at Ford, Lee was an instructor at the University of Houston, and also worked with three oil Companies (ARCO, Exxon, and Shell) developing and validating tests. He served as an officer in the U.S. Navy on a destroyer and on shore in the personnel office at the Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia.

He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Houston and has a B.A. in History from Cornell University.

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